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We are international experts: with us, bright minds work together as friends. Together we put a lot of joy and passion into our service, that's what sets us apart.

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Frank & Partner takes you to another level

Start your own business

Start your own business

After surveying your business ideas, we will analyze the market together in order to identify and evaluate potential target groups. We then evaluate how your company can best meet the requirements. After comparing the results with the requirements, we will advise you and focus on starting the planning process.

Optimize your business

Do you have an existing business and believe it is not growing as expected? Frank & Partner's experts are good at identifying issues that affect business disputes, formulating strategies, and implementing effective solutions to ensure that you overcome the factors that are hindering your progress while maximizing productivity and customer satisfaction .

Market your business

With a variety of proven strategies, we bring your company to the right people. We promote your online and offline business by maximizing the following areas:


  • E-commerce

  • Scrum project management

  • Marketing

  • Digitalization in 3 stages

  • Process optimization

  • Team education & coaching